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Rights of use and Privacy policies.

Reproduction of Content

The material published on is protected by copyright. The use of tutorials, for non-commercial purposes is permitted only if you include a clearly visible, accessible and "dofollow" link to the relative page on this website, followable by spiders. You must also clearly cite our website as the original creators of the content.

The photos on the website can be used only upon request by e-mail to the staff and only for non-commercial purposes. However, it is forbidden to change the picture and delete the superimposed watermark. No image, text or article on can be published in paper form without the consent of the author.

Some images have not been taken by us and can be recognized by a watermark or a Creative Common caption, all of these images are distributed under a Creative Common license. If you believe the image is your property and should not be used, please let us know.

Cookie policy

To protect the privacy of our users we do not use any cookie, neither our own nor those of third parties. We decided to remove them all: tracking cookies, analytical cookies, performance cookies, profiling cookies.

We do not use any advertising. That's it, simple and transparent. We do not have a cookie policy, as we don't need one. We know nothing about you, we do not store anything on your PC.

Privacy policy

Your privacy is very important to us. By not using cookies we do not have access to any sensitive data about you, also because you will never need to provide any personal information to browse our website.

We will only be able to access some information about you if you write us an email, or if you make a donation. In any case, this information will be confidential and will never be passed on to third parties, nor sold for any reason.

We consider it obvious and implicit that, having reached us first, you accept that this information is accessible to us and in our possession. You can contact us at any time at our address asking us to delete any information about you, and it will be done.

This website don't use any cookie.