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Other things

Just some other tutorials by us and interesting thing I've found online.

In this section we will group some tutorials about smartphones. We love photography, but we are way more qualified in mobile phones, which is the work specialization of me and my brother in the last 15 years. Our passion is Google Android, but we also know how to use Apple products. I had a couple of tutorials from our italian website that I wanted to translate,but not enough to create a section for mobile phones so, at the moment, they are here, with another "hard to define" section. The most appropriate name I've been able to find out has been Photoblog. It's not a blog because there are no comments and is rarely updated: It's only a bunch of interesting things I've found browsing internet, that I want to share for some reason.

Mobile phones

amateur vs pro What is an account? How and why you should create one?
A simple tutorial to figure out what a registration of an account is for, considering the world of mobile phones. We will consider the advantages of a cloud backup of your most important files, with some thoughts about the importance of a strong password. Then we will see how to access the files both for Google and Apple.


amateur vs pro Amateur vs Pro:
Some pictures that clearely depicts the quality difference between photos taken by amateur and professional photrographers. Eleven examples that shows how much important is "the eye of the photographer", and that can give you some inspiration. Go to boredpanda article.
cooph Youtube - COOPH:
A really nice video with seven tricks to take photos with your phone. Lorenz Holder is a photographer that will show us how to use the camera of your phone in creative ways, at the time of the video, he owned an iPhone 5 Watch the video on Youtube.
sancane Camera history:
"A short history of Photographic Camera" is an infographic made by the guys of Retrofuturismo Kitsch that traces the history of the cameras. This infographic can be downloaded in a printable version 50x70cm, with a resolution of 300dpi. View in full res.
curiosity 360° Mars:
A 360° panoramic view taken on Mars by the Rover of NASA Discovery. I've always thought it was way more red. Then I've found out that almost all the old photographs had artifact colors, I don't know exactely why. Use the mouse wheel to zoom. 360 Cities: Curiosity Rover.
W3C. W3C validator:
The w3c online validator is a grat tool for any webmaster. It allows to check if the HTML and CSS of your website is well written or has errors. It is a great tool to be sure thay you've respected the web standards. Every page of mora-foto is W3C approved. W3C Markup Validation Service.
raw therapee Alternative for RAW editing:
This is an excellent program for edit RAW files, and is free. It is rich of settings and is certainly more complete than Canon DPP and Nikon Capture, even better in some aspects. The website of the Raw Therapee developer.
1x galleria fotografica, a great photogallery:
Out there there are a lot of more or less interesting photography website: Flikr, Picasa, DeviantArt. I think this one is one of the best. The quality is so much high, that you'll want to change hobby for how much you'll feel diminished. Ok, it's a joke, but not so much... Go to 1x, one of the best galleries on the web.
Galassia di hubble Hubble photography:
In this video we can see how the astronomers edits an image for the public taken with the Hubble Telescope. I'd never thought that the original images were in black and white and that all colours were added in post production... Watch the video of the photo retouching on the Hubble galaxies.
suncalc Sun position:
Here is a very useful service for all photographers: It allows you to check the direction, time and position of sunrise and sunset. A very simple application that uses google maps in an interesting way. Service to calculate time and direction of sunrise and sunset.
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