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Photography guides.

Here are collected all my guides about photography for beginners.

These are the tutorials we have written about photographic technique and composition. We have tried to simplify the content as much as possible, while knowing that some concepts could have been more in-depth, we have preferred to write as easy as possible, making so we hope that the guides would be more enjoyable for beginner photographers.

Theory of photography:

aspect ratio Aspect ratios in photography:
Standard aspect ratios used in photography, really useful if you want to give your pictures a different crop, while respecting standards.
aspect ratio The rule of thirds and golden sections in photography:
Why the subject should never be in the center of the frame? Let's find out the basic rule of photographic composition: the rule of thirds.
aspect ratio What is Aperture? What does f/ means?:
The importance of the aperture in photography and how affects brightness, depth of field, sharpness and diffraction.
Canon DPP Edit a Raw with Canon DPP
A complete and easy tutorial for RAW image processing, viewing and editing with Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP) and its HDR tool.
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