Photography guides

Tutorials of photography for beginners: theory, composition, technique and practice guides to start in the world of photography using free software


These are the tutorials we have written about photographic technique and composition. We have tried to simplify the content as much as possible, while knowing that some concepts could have been more in-depth, we have preferred to write in an easy and undertandable way without complications. This has been done hoping that the guides would be more enjoyable for our reader with less experience. Our tutorials are ideal for the beginner photographers who want to edit and post product theyr photos with free softwares.

Theory of photography

aspect ratio Aspect ratios in photography: When you edit a picture, if you want to crop, it would be better if you'd use one standard photography aspect ratio, but what does "aspect ratio" means? In easy words, it's simply the proportion between the width and the... (Click to continue...) rule of thirds The rule of thirds and golden sections in photography: There are a lot of considerations that a photographer should make while he thinks how to frame a photograph. Most of the conclusions are up to the photographer personal... (Click to continue...) Aperture What is Aperture? What does f/ means? In this tutorial we will see what is the aperture value and how you can change it to make your photos sharper, or more artistic. The world of photography has a lot of variables that has to be considered while... (Click to continue...) white balance What is the white balance? And the Color balance? Let's start with the short version: white balance is the correction of the color dominants given by the tint of the light source that illuminates the photograph. In order to counteract this dominant... (Click to continue...) RAW What is a RAW file? Which are the advantages of RAW? Every DSLR camera, and some high-end compact cameras, allow you to shoot in RAW format. Every good photography tutorial or suggestion will tell you to always prefer shooting in RAW... (Click to continue...) observe vs photograph Observing versus Photographing The functional differences between an eye and a camera are not many, but the difference between observing and photographing are much more pronounced. In this article we will go over how the two differ... (Click to continue...) photography color Color in photography, theory and psychology The study of is often overlooked by aspiring photographers because it is a little discussed topic. After spending a long time looking for an in-depth article on color in photography without getting results... (Click to continue...)

Photography Technique

white balance Photography tutorial: how to take better portraits Knowing how to take a decent portrait is essential for anyone who wants to get close to the world of photography. If you try to think about photography in general, you will notice that most... (Click to continue...) RAW Photography tutorial: telling a story Have you ever looked at holiday photographs, but you are not satisfied? It's not nostalgia, it's like there's something missing in that 150 pictures, an important piece. This emptyiness doesn't happens when you are... (Click to continue...) histogram Photography tutorial: expose to the right On how important is to exopose to the right of the histogram you will find rivers of words and many articles for or against. Our point of view is not so authoritative, but we are convinced that is a valid theory... (Click to continue...)

Practice of photography

Canon DPP Edit a Raw with Canon DPP Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP) is a free, high-performance software provided by Canon for processing one or more RAW files in sequence (batch). First of all, do you know what a RAW file is? If you don't... (Click to continue...) Darktable Edit a Raw with Darktable Darktable is a free software for RAW files development, it can work independently, as a standalone program, but it is also perfectly compatible with Gimp. In this tutorial we will go to see how to install darktable, how to... (Click to continue...) slide icon How to scan slides without a scanner For a long time my father, like many others I think, archived his memories in slide collectors. Over the years the advent of digital has changed our way of relating to photography and slides have become obsolete... (Click to continue...)

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