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Text Tool, Gimp tutorial

How to add text to a photo with Gimp to make memes or a funny strip.

Italian Web master: Bad English, but good tutorials.

Gimp has a powerful text tool, that is used to insert a text into an image really easily. Adding a text to a photo can be useful or funny. You could need to create a photo with a label for an ebay sale, or you may want to create a facebook demotivational, a business card, a comic strip or anything else...
I decided to write a tutorial on how to use the text tool of Gimp to create a facebook demotivational, the result could be funnier, I know, but this is just an example, hope you will have better ideas =)

I'll take the car tomorrow, demotivational created with gimp

First of all, open the right photo. In this case I added a border, that has been created with a rectangular selection that has been reversed (Select - Invert) and finally filled with a pure black.

Another option is to increase the canvas size of your photo (Image - Canvas Size), increase values and then create a new Layer. Right Click - New Layer on Layers window, then fill with a black color. You should click left button on the new layer, hold down the left button, than drag new layer under the background.

Use gimp to create a black border

Now is the moment to deepen all the parameters of the Text Tool of Gimp:
Select the "A" Icon (Text tool) in the toolbox of Gimp, you will notice that many parameters appears in the lower part of the toolbox.
Next you will see a screenshot, followed by a description of each parameter.

text tool

FONT: Click the "Aa" button to open a list of the different fonts of your operating system.
SIZE: Change the sixe of the text.
HINTING: Better quality to small texts, leave it ON.
FORCE AUTO-HINTER: Gives a better looking to the texts, turn it ON.
ANTIALIASING: Makes the borders smoother, leave it ON.
COLOR: Change the color of the text.
JUSTIFY: Change the alignement of the text (Left - Right - Centered - Filled).
INDENTATION OF THE FIRST LINE: Moves to the right the first line.
ADJUST LINE SPACING: Increases the space between lines of the text.
ADJUST LETTER SPACING: Increases the space between each letter of text.

Set the various parameters until you are satisfied, then draw a rectangle where you want to insert the text (left click - Hold left and draw - Release). This will generate a "dashed rectangle", that is a new layer where you can write anything you want.

gimp's text

When you have finished to write your text, you will be able to handle the Text as a normal layer, so you are able to move it, or apply any filter to it. For a better understanding next you can see a short Youtube's video tutorial made by me.

I hope that now the Text Tool of Gimp has no secrets for you.

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