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Eyes Color Change and Improve, Gimp tutorial

How to give a better looking to the eyes with Gimp. Color change, add brightness and reflections.

Italian Web master: Bad English, but good tutorials.

In the photographs of people, the eyes are one of the major points of interest. In this guide for Gimp I will explain how to give a better looking to the eyes of your subject, starting with color change, increase the brightness and add reflections.
This want to be a easy with step by step tutorial for improve your eyes with Gimp.

eyes enhancement with Gimp.

1) Change the color, optional step:
Use the color wheel to replace the blue tones with a green emerald. If you want to deepen the Color wheel you can read Rotate Colors tutorial. Select the iris using the selection tool you prefer, I used the Ellipse Tool, than I made the corrections with Free Tool . I suggest you to smooth a little bit the selection, to do it go to Select - Feather and set 2 or 3 pixels of feather.

Select eyes iris

Open Colors - Map - Rotate Colors and set as you like, in this example I moved the blue tones to green, then press OK.
Don't worry if the reflection sucks, we will fix later. When you finish, do not delete the selection.

Rotate colors of the eyes with gimp

2) Increase the Highlights:
Boost high lights is a good idea to give emphasis to the drawing of the iris.
Keeping the previous selection, copy and paste only the iris as a new level. Press Ctrl+C to copy, then use Ctrl+V to paste.
On the layers window you will have a Floating Selection, right click on it and press New Layer.

Select eyes iris
duplicate layer

Select "Screen" as blend mode and set the opacity to 50%. If the eyes are dark, this step is not necessary.

Merge down as screen

3) Add reflections:
Next step in eye improvement is desaturate the pupil (to remove the green glow).
Select the pupil with your favourite selection tool, feather of 3 pixels and then go to Colors - Desaturate, choose Lightness.

desaturate pupil

Setup a brush like the following one and create a couple of reflections.
Remember that the scale of the brush depends from the image size, so you should do a couple of attempts.
The same is for the position of the reflections, is better if you try different options, until you get the best results. In my example you can see (in red) the reflections I added.

add reflections to eyes with Gimp

4) Darken the eyelid:
Last step, really helpful in female photographs, is to add a small shadow around the eyes.
If the subject has a good makeup, this will not be necessary. This effect can be applied even to male faces, but is not always a good idea, the result may be too emo or a little bit homosexual.
Change the brush color to black, reduce the opacity to 30%, increase the zoom and, with patience, apply the "pencil" to our model.
Be careful, don't darken too much, and don't pass twice on the same point.
The example has green color for a better understanding, you must do it in black.

Darken eyelid

The Gimp tutorial for color change and eyes enhancement is finished.

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