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Red Eye Removal, Gimp tutorial

Red eye is a defect of photos with flash, Gimp has a good tool to fix this problem.

Italian Web master: Bad English, but good tutorials.

Red eyes is a classic defect of photography with flash. Is caused by the light that bounces in the retina. Many software have a function to automatically remove red eye, but I want to teach you how remove red eyes with Gimp with an automatic tool. This function simply delete all the red tones and replace them with black pupil. If not used properly you will probably get something like the image below (emphasized), where the bright pink of the lips has been replaced with gray, this happens because the colors are too similar.

Red eye removal fail, you should select

DISCLAIMER: I don't like to use flash, I prefer bright lens, so my photos are generally without red eyes.
This is why the photo I used is a little bit embarrassing... Sorry friend :D

To avoid this problem you just neeed to select the eyes area, and apply the filter only where is needed. With any one of the selection tools of Gimp draw (hold left button) an outline around the area you want to correct.
Don't worry if the selection is rough, we just need to deselect the lips. I used Free Select Tool.

Select red eyes area

Open Filters - Enhance - Red Eye Removal, set the threshold as you like (preview is a good help), then press Ok.

filter, enhance, Red eye removal tool

Now, the red-eye removal is limited to the area we selected, and the lips are ok.

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